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Wonder Woman!?

Wonder Woman!

I grew up on this show, It was awesome! I was reading through my email and I came across one from PlayOn.com that was showcasing that theWB now has the entire series available for streaming from their website.

I watched the pilot and the next two episodes and I was was struck with how shows have changed over the years.

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Freak’n Hot!

Freak'n Hot!

Doesn’t that picture just say it all!?

It is so freak’n hot outside. I just looked to see what the temp is in Death Valley right now, 96°F…here, 93°F, wtf!? You’re like, “big deal, it gets hot during the day…” the problem is that it’s 9pm at night! My place is swamp-cooled (saves on electricity don’t you know, heh) and doesn’t seem to be helping too much at the moment, therefore I placed a call to the land lord to have someone look at it. Looks like I have to wait until tomorrow. 🙁

And don’t give me this, “it’s a dry heat!” crap either. I really am getting sick of it. I posted something similar on Facebook earlier and my brother, who lives in Iowa, came back with a temp of 78°F. What an ass! Just kidding, I love my brother, I just hate this heat! Sigh, I really hope that it starts cooling off soon.

We had some severe thunder-storm and dust-storm warnings (read haboob), but as is usually the case…it always seems to happen all around where you want it to, and still we suffer. 🙁


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